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Trauma-Informed Training - Crossover Yoga Project

  • Speak Easy 127 Main Street Lower Level Ossining NY 10562 USA (map)

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Emotional and/or physical trauma can impact a person’s thoughts, emotions, relationships, sense of self, and views of the world. A traumatic experience can mean a number of different things, from being a survivor of some form of abuse or life-threatening situation to witnessing any event where a person’s life or physical safety is threatened or where sexual violence occurs. Trauma survivors live with their traumatic experiences subjectively, and it impacts their behaviors, thoughts, and choices. They are unable to manage their emotions or "self-regulate." It is challenging to find peace within their world, feeling constantly as if they must protect themselves from danger. They are in survival mode and never feel safe.

There is growing evidence that trauma-informed yoga practices help overcome the pervasive effects of trauma. Trauma-sensitive yoga has been recognized as an evidence-based adjunctive treatment for complex, developmental trauma or chronic, treatment-resistant PTSD by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) of the United States.

CYP's trauma-informed training offers resources, instruction, and support to understand how trauma impacts our daily lives, and how therapeutic interventions assist in finding balance. Skills learned in CYP's 15-hour training can be used in interventions, yoga classes, and everyday interactions with others by all professionals who work with trauma survivors.

Led by CYP's Executive Director, this 15-hour training includes:

-An overview of the types of trauma
-Impact of trauma on the body and mind
-Understanding vulnerabilities and triggers
-Practical hands-on skills to help cope in everyday living
-Use of effective and supportive communication
-Trauma-informed sequencing and cueing
-Self Care
-The stress response and the autonomic nervous system
-Yoga postures, breathing techniques & meditations for self-regulation
-How racism, oppression & socioeconomic factors affect everyday interactions

Participants receive a manual, support, and practices they can use immediately for themselves and their clients.

200 Hour Yoga Instructors are eligible for 15 Yoga Alliance credits

September 13th or September 14th
Limited enrollment
Investment: $395

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